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To PBO and PCPI Members, and the Print Industry Community-at-large,
Why Email May Not Get You There
Ripon Printers Honored With 24 Winning Entries in the 2014 Graphic Arts Excellence Awards
Buy a PCPI Certification at Up to 50% Discount & Get FREE PCPI Membership - Ends Apr 30, 2014
Glossary of Color Terms
Most Likely to MisMatch: the toughest colors to match
Communicating Color
Ripon Printers Named Best of the Best in Best Workplace in the Americas 2013 Competition
IDEAlliance® Awards Ripon Printers G7™ Master Certificate of Qualification
Ripon Printers Wins Multiple GLGA Graphics Excellence Awards
Domtar completes the acquisition of Xerox's U.S. and Canadian Paper Business
Buy One, Get One Free on PCPI Print Buyer Certifications Ends Friday, November 29, 2013
Proforma Mosaic Marketing Streamlines Operations with P3Software
FineEye Color launches ICEmeta ™ - for digital ink-savings and color-optimization
P3Software Enhances Print Procurement Management System with Entreprise-wide Job Submission Portal
Justice for Forests. Improving Criminal Justice Efforts to Combat Illegal Logging
Printing Industries of America and NAPL Enter Into Unification Discussions
FineEye Color Solutions Announces ICEit! to Increase Color Gamut
World Resources Institute
Necessity of Approved Supplier List Stays About the Same Over Last Years
Approved Supplier List Remains Hurdle for Printers
Print Buyers Drops Proposed Sustainability Legislation
P3Software Expands it's Print Management Technology
Rebate Programs Still an Incentive for Some Buying Companies
Printers: Does Your Company Offer Rebate Programs to Your Customers?
Results of PBO's Print Buyer Needs Survey, part 1
Sun Chemical to Increase Prices on Packaging Inks in North America
Forest Legality Alliance
Print Buyers Haved Mixed Expectations for 2011 Print Volumes
Print Suppliers Slightly More Optimistic About 2011 Print Volumes
Signs of a Recovery?
Print Buyers Conducting Less Press Checks
Print Suppliers Say Most Customers Spend Less Than an Hour on Press Checks
Asia Pulp & Paper Disappointed by U.S. International Trade Commission Conclusion...
Great New Webinar Open to All PBO Members November 8th
Gorelicks Trends: Biological Clock Stops Ticking...Coupon Creep
Print Suppliers Say Sustainability/Environmental Issues Have Become More Important in Last 2 Years
3/4 of Print Buyer Respondents Say Sustainability/Environmental Issues Have Become More Important
Gorelick Trends: Surprising Design Choices Made For PIA’s Magazine...USPS Claims Motion is Deficient
Print Buyers and Friends Mourn the Death of Dick Gorelick
Gorelick Trends: Privatization or Changes to Postal Service?...National Unemployment Challenge
Gorelick Trends: Email Opens Declining...Are Magazines Really on the Decline?...Opt-In vs. Opt-Out
Gorelick Trends: USPS & the Election...USPS Summer Sale a Success?...USPS Declares State of Exigency
Print Suppliers Accurately Predict How Much Profit They Think The Average Printing Company Makes
Print Buyers Over Estimate How Much Profit They Think The Average Printing Company Makes
Domtar Adds New Cougar Line Extension - Cougar 30% Recycled
Print Buyers Announces Proposed Sustainability Legislation
Gorelick Trends: Supreme Court Rejects...Lawyers Collecting Debts...Employers Reviewing Texts
Gorelick Trends: USPS Summer Sale...Don’t Require Email Addresses...Cross Reference Across Platforms
Most Print Buyers Say They Could Know More About the Legislative Process
Printers Rate Themselves Higher Than Print Buyers Regarding Knowledge of Legislative Process
Gorelick Trends: Privacy Compliance...Competing With Your Customers?...Birth of Another New Term
Letters to the Editor: Sustainability Legislation
Gorelick Trends: Product Quality Challenges...Emissions Standards Changes?...Online Opt Ins
58% of Print Buyer Respondents Aren't Comfortable Going to Lunch With a Rep They Haven't Worked With
71% of Printer Respondents Say it is Almost Never OK to "Go Over The Print Buyer's Head"
Gorelick Trends: Considerations About Color...Issues of Privacy...Proofreading Cautions
Gorelick Trends: Inventory of Printed Materials...Too Much Fundraising?...Print vs. Digital
43% of Print Buyer Respondents Use Social Networking Sites for Business Connections
45% of Printer Respondents Say They Use Social Networking Sites to Attract More Business
Gorelick Trends: Mail 5 Days A Week...NCOA – It’s Not Perfect...Paper Industry Updates
Heidelberg's “Check It Out” & “Foldmania” Event, June 22, 2010
Gorelick Trends: World Deforestation...The Relevance of Personalization...Problems Unsubscribing
63% of Print Buyer Respondents Say it is Not OK for Their Suppliers to "Drop By" Unannounced
67% of Printer Respondents Say it is Not OK to "Drop By" Their Customers Unannounced
Domtar Wants to Know…What Kind of Cougar Are YOU…?
Gorelick Trends: Consumer Reaction...Changes to Book Publishing...Dangerous Marketing Methods
Gorelick Trends: Requiring Email Addresses...Privacy Issues and Social Media...Personalized Burgers
64% of Print Buyer Respondents Pay For Overs on Their Print Jobs
84% of Printer Respondents Charge Their Customers For Overs
Print Buyers Learn Printing Trends at CGX's emerge Event
Coated Paper International Trade Case Update – Preliminary Commerce Department Decision Delayed
The Ten Most Common Costly Mistakes in Paper Purchasing
Gorelick Trends: Email Communications...Congressional Approval Needed...Advertising Expenditures
26% of PBO Print Buyer Respondents Request FSC or SFI Certified Papers All or Most of the Time
The Majority of Printers Report That Less Than 20% of Their Customers Request Certified Papers
Gorelick Trends: A Strong Trend...Demand for Wood...Majority Prefer Print
Domtar’s Carbon Footprint
Gorelick Trends: Paper Pricing...Paper Availability...USPS Price Increases
Truth in Paper - Myths vs Facts
New Domtar Colors™ and Hots® Brochure
Domtar's Cougar® Super Smooth Broadens Its Product Offering
9% of PBO Print Buyer Respondents Use Paper from China/Indonesia
Printers Report That 43% of Their Customers Use Paper from China/Indonesia
Asia Pulp & Paper Disappointed in Preliminary Findings of Subsidy Cases
Breaking News: The Race Has Barely Begun
Review of Printers' Websites is First Step Before Print Buyers Select New Printers
Printer's Response to New NAPL/PIA Terms & Conditions for Sale
Domtar Marks Milestone With Sale of Millionth Ton of FSC-Certified Paper
Print Buyers Highly Recommends Consultant, Dick Gorelick
Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) Under Fire from Environmental Groups
Asia Pulp & Paper's Response to Paper Maker's Complaints of Unfair Subsidies
Asia Pulp & Paper Defends Its Position on the Environment
Domtar Through the Years...
Truth In Paper
Gorelick Trends: Marketing Metrics...Magazine Publishing Crawling Back...Weak Demand for Trucking
Industry News: Xerox's Support of Haiti
40% of Buying Companies Have Some Experience Using PURLs
82% of Printer Respondents Say They Offer PURLs to Their Customers
Gorelick's Trends: Paper Controversies...What's the Metric?...
Suzanne's Blog: Two Thumbs Down on New PIA and NAPL Industry Terms and Conditions for Sale!
Gorelick's Trends: Paper Stability...Agressive Postal Service... Marketer's Plans for 2010
Gorelick Trends: Pervasive Deficiency...The Worst is a Bit Better....Well-meaning But Purposeless
68% of Print Buyers Said Some of Their Printers Went Out of Business In the Past Year
Printers Divided on Whether Buying Companies are Enforcing Pre-Qualification
Gorelick Trends: Catalog Benchmarking...Falling List Prices...Paper Mill Babel....Direct Mail Tips
Dick Gorelick: New Postal Rules for Letter-size Booklets and Stricter Enforcement of UAA
Majority of Print Buyers Do Not Source Print Outside the U.S.
Printer Respondents Say They Do Not Outsource to Printers Outside the U.S.
P3Software Expands Market with Buyer Focused Print Management Technology
Intelligencer Printing Company Wins Big!
Why Print is Green: New brochure from the Print Council
Only 7% of Print Buyer Respondents Specify Color with the Pantone Goe Color System
Printers Say That Less Than 15% of Their Customers Specify Color with the Pantone Goe Color System
Going Green with Mailing List Hygiene
Suzanne's Blog: Highlights from PBO’s
Short-run Printing & Small Print Projects Survey
Gorelick's Guide: Rediscovering Sampling and Whither Print?
Tips On Tabs: Five Ways to Comply with New USPS Rules
Gorelick's Guide
87% of Print Buyer Respondents Say Their Print Quantities Have Decreased in the Past Year
100% of Supplier Respondents Share That Customer Quantities Have Decreased in the Past Year
Suzanne's Blog: Do Print Buyers Lie?
Selecting Paper: Environmentally Sound Choices
64% of Print Buyer Respondents Say They Never Buy Paper Directly from Merchants
64% of Supplier Respondents Share They Base Job Pricing on Conditions of Customer’s Files
Suzanne's Blog: Dare to be Different
Gorelick's Guide
Black generation
Suzanne's Blog: A Printer's Profit - Demystifying the Myth
Print Buyers and Suppliers Share How They are Compensated
Print Spend Status Update
Gorelick's Guide
No Surprise: Bad economy yields travel restrictions for print buyers and suppliers
Gorelick's Guide
PURLs: Are they being offered by print suppliers - and used by print buyers?
How important is a printer's collateral material? Learn the stats on both sides of the fence.
Series: How to Save Money on Print Projects
Gorelick's Guide
Approved Supplier Lists: Print buyers and suppliers compare notes
Gorelick's Guide
How often do print suppliers request FSC or SFI certified papers for print projects?
Book Recommendation: EnviroPal
Press Checks: time & travel
Are print buyer layoffs affecting your company?
Gorelick's Guide
Now that oil prices have dropped, are printers lowering their prices?
Green Resolutions
Gorelick's Guide
Are Rebates Now Retro?
Print buyers and suppliers share their advice on how to save money on print projects
Eating Healthy in Today's Economy
Gorelick's Guide
The SEO Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together
Environmental Initiatives: how important are they to print buyers when choosing a printer?
Search Engine Optimization: What efforts are printers taking?
Green Mailing Lists
For Immediate Release: Beyond Surviving, Thriving with Print in Tough Times
Print Suppliers Weigh In on Print Project Volume in 2009
Gorelick's Guide
How often do you read the PBO eLetter?
‘Pickle-Scented Shrek’ Project Wins Top Honors
Topics Include: Has it finally happened? ...and... Subtle Source of Increased Prices
Print Buyers are Beginning to Purchase or Strategize for Other Types of Media
Print Suppliers Share Their Projections on Client Orders in 2009
Will Revisions to the Lacey Act Change Industry Behavior?
Topics Include: Wants vs. Needs ...and... Business Driving
Quantifying Print Quality
Print Buyers and Their Suppliers Share Their Thoughts on Corporate Gift-giving
I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas...
Xerox Gathers Book Publishers and Printers for Thought-Leadership Event
Print Buyers and Suppliers Divided on Impact of Obama Administration
Has the new revision to the Lacey Act affected how print buyers buy print?
Sharpening Images in Photoshop
Topics Include: Credit Card Solicitations ...and... The JIT Dilemma
Suzanne's Blog: Are You Promoting Your Sustainability Efforts?
Print buyers and suppliers weigh in on the new administration Parent Company to Launch Business Stimulus Package
Topics Include: Private Goes Public ...and... Is Nothing Sacred?
Xerox Highlights Progress in Environmental Sustainability, Community Outreach in Annual Report
Did PBO print buyer and print supplier members attend Graph EXPO 2008?
Suzanne's Blog: How Much Money are Print Buyers Saving Their Organizations?
Do print buyers use social networking sites?
Do print suppliers use social networking sites?
Suzanne Morgan Speaks about Environmental Sustainability for Print Buyers
Suzanne Morgan Shares Highlights of Graph EXPO 2008
Topics Include: Canada Post ...and... Mailing List Pricing
Rising Costs Spur Diverse Reactions from Print Suppliers
How much money are print buyers saving their organizations?
Are print suppliers experiencing an increase in sales due to their sustainability efforts?
Topics Include: Variable Data ...and... Permission-based Lists
Code of Ethics for Best Practices for Sustainability in Print
Intech Printing Earns FSC and SFI Certification
Xerox Sponsors Back-to-Back Events that Bring Print Buyers Into the Mix
Print Buyer Print Project Prices on the Rise
What are print suppliers doing to make up for the rise in fuel and energy costs?
Suzanne's Blog: Multi-Media Marketing: How Print Suppliers Can Expand Their Reach
Heidelberg Partners with Industry Leaders to Offer Educational Seminars at GRAPH EXPO 2008
Intelligencer Printing Wins Gold Ink Award
Xerox Gives Customers More "Green" Printing Choices
The Forest Stewardship Council – US Files Lawsuit Against the U.S. Government
Majority of Print Buyers Say "No More Free Lunches!"
How often do print suppliers go over the heads of print buyers?
Export All the Text from InDesign or QuarkXPress
Franklin Font Gets Facelift
Industry News: Xerox Highlights Opportunity in Digital Book Market and Direct Marketing Tactics
Maybe We Should Print Less?
Topics Include: Multi-Media Use in Fund-Raising ...and...Cost of Lists
Have sustainability and environmental issues become more important to print buyers?
Chain-of-Custody: Printers share their thoughts
Suzanne's Blog: Sales Reps or CSRs – Which do Print Buyers Prefer?
Xerox Reveals Hidden Potential of Digital Printing & Partnering with Creatives
Topic Includes: Trucking Update
High-Tech Resellers Name Xerox “Company of the Year” For Workgroup Color Printers
Suzanne's Blog: Mega Printers - Resources vs. Relationships
60% of Press Checks Conducted by Print Buyers
How Often do Print Suppliers Charge Overs?
Topics Include: Convergence ...and...Multi-Media Use in Fundraising
61% of Print Buyers Say They Use Mega Printers
Outsourcing: How often do print suppliers do it without their customers' knowledge?
Topics Include New Magazine Model ...and... Don't Dawdle
Suzanne's Blog: Fuel Fiasco
Post Production Reviews
Suzanne’s Blog: Exhibit Fairs - Capturing New Clients
Topics Include: Transpromo ...and... The Eyes Have It
Most Print Suppliers Do Not Add Surcharges for Rising Energy Costs
Most Print Buyers Say Their Suppliers Are Not Adding Fuel Surcharge Clause
Sales Rep or Customer Service Rep: Which do print buyers prefer?
Printers Believe the Sales Rep Holds Great Importance for Buyers
Topics Include: List Suppression ...and... A Secret Revealed
Globalization Yields Polarization in Printing Industry
Print Buyers Split About How They End Supplier Relationships
Majority of Print Suppliers Upfront When "Firing" a Customer
Topics Include: Do Not Mail Registry ...and... Giving Credit - But Only Where It's Due
Suzanne's Blog: Tree Trends: More and More Print Buyers Requesting Certified Paper
Greening Incrementally
Xerox Workshop for Marketing Pros Tackles the New Media Jungle
Topics Include: Private Labeling ...and... West Coast Ports
Relevancy of Print Standards: Print buyers share their thoughts
Rush Charges: 36% of print suppliers never charge
Print Suppliers: More organized than you may think
The Results Are In: How messy are print buyers' desks?
Topics Include: Tips for Print Storage ...and... Changes in Psychographics
Suzanne's Blog: Promotion Commotion
Concord Litho CEO Tapped as Panelist for Upcoming 'Sustainability in Printing 2008' Conference
Topics Include: Competitive vs. U.S.P.S. Pricing? ...and... Custom Publishing
55% of Print Suppliers Are Interested in Receiving Print Sales Certification
72% of Print Buyers Say Print Sales Certification Would Not Add Credibility to a Rep
Equipment Brand: More Important Than You May Believe
Topics Include: Couponing - A Trend Reversal? ...and... The 2010 U.S. Census
63% of Print Buyers Say Sustainability in Print is Here to Stay
61% of Print Suppliers Say Sustainability in Print Will Soon Be An Industry Standard
Has the Terms and Conditions for Sale Document Gone the Way of the Dinosaur?
85% of Print Buyers Say They Do Not Participate in Reverse Auctions
88% of Print Suppliers Say Their Customers Participate in Reverse Auctions Under 3% of the Time
700 Strong: Xerox Premier Partners Program Expands Global Digital Print Network
75% of Print Buyers Believe a Recession Would Impact Print Budget
57% of Print Suppliers Say a Recession Would Significantly Impact Their Business
Topics Include: The Economy ...and... Mailing Lists: Feeling the Pinch
Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Marketing Buck
54% of Print Buyers Say Suppliers Need to Be on an Approved List Before They Can Work With Them
63% of Print Suppliers Don't Believe More Customers are Requiring Approved Supplier Lists
Topics Include: Advertising Expenditures Aren't Inclusive ...and... Magazine Ads Taking a Downturn
Topics Include: Paper Recovery ...and... USPS Unit Volume Declining
73% of Print Buyers Say They Purchase Wide-Format Printing
74% of Print Supplier Respondents Say They Offer Wide-Format Printing
Tree Trends: More and More Print Buyers Requesting Certified Paper
Topics Include: Irony ...and... The Joy of a Human Voice ...and... Perpetual Partial Attention
16% of Print Buyers Request FSC or SFI Certified Papers over 60% of the Time
82% of Print Suppliers Say Customers Request FSC or SFI Certified Papers Under 20% of the Time
Large Format or Wide Format Printing
Creating More Effective Headlines for Direct Mail
46% of Print Buyers Say, "Give Us Your Best Price the First Time"
67% of Print Suppliers Say They Occasionally Lower Their Quoted Price
Topics Include: The Postcard Conundrum ...and... Repositional Notes
Types of Marketing Boxes: Part 2 of 2
Concord Litho Wins 15 International Printing Awards
33% of Print Buyers Typically Spend Under 1 Hour on Press Checks
87% of Print Suppliers Say Their Customers Typically Spend Under 1 Hour on a Press Check
Topics Include: Executives' Feedback ... and ... More Time to Prepare
Types of Marketing Boxes: Part 1 of 2
Topics Include Direct Mail: Still in the Mix ...and... Fallout from Multi-Channel Marketing
75% of Print Buyers Purchase Ad Specialty/Promotional Items
54% of Print Suppliers Say Customers' Print Quantities Have Decreased in Last 6 Months
Issue 03-10-08
Topics Include "Matchback" ...and... Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)
50% of Print Buyers Say Brand of Printing Press is Important
69% of Print Suppliers Say Brand of Printing Press is Not Important
Topics Include: Postal Rates Will Increase May 12, 2008...and...Recycled Paper Verification
54% of Print Buyers Find Printers’ Terms and Conditions for Sale Document Irrelevant and Outdated
Only 25% of Print Suppliers Expect Print Buyers to Follow Terms and Conditions for Sale Document
A Print Buyer’s Guide to Being Green
77% of Print Suppliers Say Rising Energy Costs Caused Their Company to Increase Prices
Topics Include: Basis for a Compromise?...and…Marketing is a 2-Way Communication…and…Threat to Print
52% of Print Buyers Say They Are Compensated By Salary Only
36% of Print Buyers Say Their Companies Have In-House Printing Capabilities
61% of Print Suppliers Say They Offer Web-to-Print Solutions to Their Customers
Xerox Exec is Among Graphic Design USA's 'People to Watch in 2008'
Topic Includes: New Societal Issues
Topics Include: Integrated Marketing Expo...and...Personalized Output of Variable Data Presses
78% of Print Buyers Unlikely to Purchase Printing from Overseas Suppliers
48% of Print Suppliers Say They Have Not Lost Business to Overseas Competitors
Have a Greener Spring
Xerox Software Speeds Up Production of Photo Books, Greeting Cards and Calendars
11% of Print Buyers Are Asked to Choose a Supplier Based Upon Company Politics
Topics Include: Increased Usage of Large Format Printing...and...USPS Performance Measurement System
76% of Print Supplier Companies Place Color Bars on Contract Quality Proofs
Topics Include: Average Postal Rates Exceed CPI Rates...and...Multi-Channel Marketing
65% of Print Buyers Believe Knowledge of Equipment is Very Important
56% of Print Suppliers Believe Print Buyers' Knowledge of Equipment is Very Important
HP Indigo Division Reports Record Performance in 2007
Xerox Fuels Innovation Engine with 584 New Patents in 2007
Kodak Creates a Personal Experience for Magazine Readers with Variable Data Solution
Majority of Print Buyers Spend 2% or Less on AAs
Corporate Disk Company introduces the DVDPlus
83% of Print Suppliers Have No Formal System to Rate Customers
Topics Include: Budgeting Guidance Predictions Coming True...and...Private Labeling Popularity
Topics Include: Color Palettes...and...Undeliverable As Addressed
34% of Print Buyers Find Collateral Material Very Important When Choosing a New Supplier
32% of Printers Think Buyers Find Collateral Material Important When Choosing a New Supplier
Paper History - Who Invented Paper?
Heidelberg Concentrates Worldwide Consumables Operations In a Single Product Category “Saphira”
Topics Include: IRS Mileage Rate Change...and...Likely Paper Price Increase
49% of Print Buyers Believe Printing Companies Net 7 to 12% Profit
37% of Print Suppliers Believe a Printing Companies Net 1 to 3% Profit
Sustainable Printing – Heidelberg Steps Up Its Environmental Commitment
Xerox Earns Certification from Environmental Organizations; Paper Guidelines Preserve Forests
48% of Print Buyers Prefer to Receive Small and Impersonal Gifts From Their Suppliers
76% of Print Suppliers Say Their Pricing Reflects Their Expectations About Customers' Files
Print Oasis 2008 Print Buyers Conference & Exhibit Launches Facebook, MySpace and YouTube Promotions
Topics Include: Success of Multi-Channel Marketing…and…Expectation Levels for Direct Mail
Topics Include: Punitive Tariffs Not Imposed…and…First Class Mail Template
20% of Print Buyers Are Responsible for Purchasing Design Services From Outside Firms
44% of Print Suppliers Give Small Impersonal Gifts That Can Be Shared With Others In Their Company
Concord Litho Expands "Green Printing" Program, Earns FSC Chain of Custody Certification
New Feltweave® Swatchbook from Domtar
Kodak’s One Magazine and Earn Top Awards
Topic Includes: Postal Service's Financial Results for FY2007...and...Increasing FedEx Charges
43% of Print Buyers Expect a 3% to 6% Increase on 2008 Print Projects
41% of Print Suppliers Say Print Buyers Should Expect More Than a 6% Increase On 2008 Projects
Why Paper Grain is So Important
66% of Print Buyers Use a PC at Work
76% of Print Suppliers Use a PC at Work
Topics Include: Functional Postal Regulatory Commission…and…the Publication of an e-Book
Topics Include: Controversial Postage Rates...and…Qualification Cards Are a Good Investment
56% of Print Buyers Never Buy Paper Directly From a Merchant or Manufacturer
58% of Print Suppliers are Somewhat Satisfied With the Industry’s Printing Associations
Xerox Marks Human Rights and Environmental Progress In Annual Citizenship Report
Design Tools Monthly Celebrates 15 Years in Print
55% of Print Buyers Say It Does Not Make a Difference If a Sales Rep is Paid Salary or Commission
36% of Printers Participate in Competitive Online Bidding or Print Auction Services
Topic Includes: New Challenges With Electronic Imaging
69% of Print Buyers Purchase Over 175 Print Projects Each Year
A Majority of Printers Make a Profit on a New Customer’s First Print Project
Ghostbusters: Don’t Be Haunted By Mechanical Ghosting
Topics Include: Proposed Do-Not-Mail Legislation...and...Helvetica Controversy
Heidelberg USA to Host PCPI Print Buyer Certification Roadshow in Kennesaw, GA
What Your Printer Should Know About You
Xerox Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Topics Include: Paper and Ink Costs Increase...and...Shipping and Handling Fees Mostly Eliminated
50% of Print Buyers Expect Turn Around Times Will Remain the Same in Next Twelve Months
79% of Printers Think Their Customers Will Ask For Faster Turnaround Times in the Next Twelve Months
Topics Include: Indonesia Plants 79 Million Trees...and...Do-Not-Mail Legislation Fails
21% of Print Buyers Give Printers a "Poor" Rating at Differentiating Themselves from the Competition
30% of Printers Say Print Buyers Should Do Fewer Press Checks
Kodak Board Appoints Hellyar as Executive Vice President; Hayzlett as Vice President
Domtar’s Answer to “Why Paper?”
Topics Include: Print Media is More Trusted…and…Shopper Marketing Showing Fast Growth
Xerox Technology Tricks Counterfeiters; Personalized Information Is Only Visible In Infrared Light
Only 21% of Print Buyers Say That Industry Print Standards are Very Relevant to Their Work
Most Printers Say Less Than 25% of Prospective Customers Conduct a Plant Tour
Topics Include: Standards Needed for Most Classes of Mail…and…Decreased Ad Expenditures
67% of Print Buyers Will Not or Cannot Pay for Paper Samples and Swatchbooks
62% of Print Suppliers Say They Are Upfront When Ending the Relationship With A Customer
Pantone’s New Goe Color Specification System
"Supersized" Graph Expo® Packs In Crowds, Racks Up Sales In Chicago
Topics Include: Prices of Printing Ink...and...Print Commodities Are Increasing
28% of Print Buyers Manage or Purchase Other Media Communications Besides Printing
54% of Print Suppliers Say the Use of Soft Proofs has Increased in the Past Year
Topics Include: Do-Not-Call List Program Expiration...and...Postal Rate Increase Prediction
23% of Print Buyers Are Very Interested in the New Pantone Goe Color Specification System
17% of Print Suppliers Are Very Interested in the New Pantone Goe Color Specification System
Heidelberg's Hei Tech Solutions Generate Excitement and High Booth Traffic at Graph Expo 2007
HP Solutions Empower PSPs to Do More, Do it Differently and Do it Better at Graph Expo 2007
79% of Print Buyers Say It Is Not Okay to Markup the Price of a Print Job With a Hidden Commission
40% of Print Suppliers Offer the Option of Buying Printing Online
Topics Include: Information Flow Helps Performance...and...Terms for Coordinated Media
Highlights from the Industry’s Largest Conference: Graph Expo 2007
42% of Print Buyers Use InDesign File Format to Send Print Jobs to Suppliers
A Majority of Suppliers Prefer E-mail to Receive Bid Specifications
Exhibitor Opportunities Now Available at the Print Oasis 2008 Print Buyers Conference & Exhibit
Topics Include: Hyperlocalism...and...USPS Repositionable Notes...and...Extra Billed Attorney Fees
HP Helps PSPs Capture Business Success in Multiple Markets with Display at Graph Expo
Kodak Promotes Power of Variable Data Printing in Educational DVD for Marketers
Xerox Develops New Resource for Commercial Printers to Quickly Build a Successful Digital Business
X-Rite to Acquire Pantone, Inc. Extending Reach in the Color Industry
NAPL Customer Research Suite Expands With Addition of Survey Advantage
79% of Print Buyers Work in the Marketing, Purchasing, or Production Departments
A Majority of Suppliers Find Receiving Accurate and Complete Specification the Biggest Challenge
Graph Expo 2007 Must See'Ems Committee Reveals 6 Top Technologies for Printer Success
HP Fuels Growth with Print 2.0, Launches $300 Million Global Marketing Campaign
Topics Include: Continued Concern About Paper Prices...and...Color Preference Based on Gender
Financial Tracking and Accountability
A Majority of Print Buyers Rely on a Printer's Equipment List
Only 28% of Suppliers Think Print Buyers Find an Equipment List Very Useful
KODAK MARKETMOVER Services Add New Business Building Tools
Topics Include: Defective Harry Potter Books...and...US Postal Rates Cannot Exceed Rate of Inflation
Value of Print
61% of Print Buyers Have Previously Worked For A Printing Company or Print Supplier
A Majority of Suppliers' Customers Specify Certain Kinds of Equipment and Software
Kodak to Showcase New Products, Solutions and Opportunities for Customers at Graph Expo
Nahan Printing Wins Gold and Pewter Awards in 20th Annual Gold Ink Competition
Heidelberg Focuses on Small Businesses With End-to-End Solutions Dedicated Area at Graph Expo 2007
Topics Include: Avoiding Child Labor Issues at 2008 Olympics...and...Green Geezers Recycle More
44% of Print Buyers Say That Most of Their Suppliers Are Located Within a 40 Mile Radius
41% of Suppliers Say That Most of Their Customers are Located Within a 40 Mile Radius
KODAK TRACELESS System for Anti-Counterfeiting Captures 2007 PIA/GATF InterTech™ Technology Award
Most Print Buyers Say Sustainability and Environmental Issues Have Become More Important
70% of Print Suppliers Say Sustainability and Environmental Issues Have Become More Important
PIA/GATF Lauds Adobe’s Decision to Remove FedEx Kinko’s Button
NAPL, NAQP and Coalition for Open Competition Support Adobe’s Plan to Remove FedEx Kinko’s Link
Xerox Unveils First-Of-Its-Kind Paper That Uses Less Trees While Saving Customers Money
Topics Include: Ten Hour Long-Haul
Ink Resources
The Adobe-FedEx Kinko’s Agreement: An In-Plant Manager’s Perspective
Following Adobe Forum, NAPL, NAQP and Coalition for Open Competition Remain Firm:
Topics Include: Embracing Environmentalism...and...Increased Transportation Costs
Xerox Earns 127 Industry Accolades Worldwide For Digital Printing and Multifunction Products
Kodak Launches Website to Promote Value and Power of Print
Heidelberg to Display Latest Packaging Solutions at 2007 Graph Expo
A Majority of Print Buyers Expect Price Estimates Within 24 Hours
44% of Printers Say That Turning a Price Quote Too Quickly May Affect Best Price
Topics Include: National Advertising Forecast...and...Effective Variable Data Printing
The Majority of Print Buyers Would Not Accept Lunch From an Unknown Sales Rep
The Majority of Print Suppliers Would Not Ask A Prospective Customer to Lunch
NAPL Management Institute Slated for August 11-14, 2007, At George Washington University
EarthColor Announces Acquisition of L. P. Thebault Company
Topics Include: 2010 Census ...and...Mail Delivery and Protection Act
A Majority of Print Buyers Say That the Adobe FedEx/Kinko’s Alliance is Inappropriate
A Majority of Print Suppliers Say That the Adobe FedEx/Kinko’s Alliance is Inappropriate
Print Buyers and PCPI Announce Print Oasis 2008 Print Buyers Conference & Exhibit
Nahan Printing Earns the Sappi N. A. Printer of the Year Award in Magazine Category for 2nd Year
Heidelberg Workflow Solutions Gain Industry Recognition and JDF-Compliant Certifications
Topics Include: Relief Is On the Way...and...Effect of Trade Sanctions
Business Move Insults Industry Loyalty, Says PIA/GATF
Most Print Buyers Believe That Print Management Companies Are Not a Threat
Most Print Suppliers Don’t Believe Print Management Companies Threaten the Jobs of Print Buyers
Topics Include: Difficulties with List Management...and...American Toughness
71% of Print Buyers Are Responsible for Conducting Press Checks
NAPL/NAQP Open Discussion With Adobe on Its FedEx Kinko's Agreement
69% of Print Suppliers’ Customers are Conducting Fewer Press Checks
Print Media Academy (PMA) and International Experts Analyze Global Trends for Further Education
Reduce Your Environmental Impact
CMO of Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group Earns Lifetime Achievement Award from Frost & Sullivan
35% of Print Buyers Will Not Pay For Overs
A Majority of Print Suppliers Charge For Overs
Topics Include: Temporary Rate Reduction and Permission-Based E-mail
Topics Include: E-mail Deliverability...Bar Code...High Gas Prices
A Majority of Buyers Say It Is Almost Never Okay to "Drop By" Without an Appointment
A Majority of Print Suppliers Would Never “Drop By” Customers Without an Appointment
How to Evaluate Design & Creative Work
Xerox iGen3 Users Workshop Fosters Collaboration and Communication Between Xerox and Its Customers
Kodak Helps Napa Valley Wineries Fight Wine Fraud
Xerox Recognizes 13 Business Partners for Product Innovations and Commitment to Customers
Topics Include: Declining Postal Volume and Unit Rate Reduction
44% of Print Buyers Have Purchased Printing Online
A Majority of Print Suppliers Offer Their Clients an Online Buying Option
Stora Enso Adds SFI and PEFC Chain-of-Custody Mill Certifications
Certifications Verify to Printers that KODAK Solutions Deliver Accurate, Consistent Color Proofs
The Digital Dozen
Topic Includes: Conclusions from USPS Rate Increase
Print and Media Purchasing Made Easy with Hiflex Print Support
Half of the Print Buyers Find FSC Certification Important for Use in Print Projects
55% of Print Suppliers Believe Their Clients are Very Interested in the Use of FSC Certified Paper
Concord Litho Wins Nine National Awards for Excellence in Calendar Design and Production
Topics Include: Accurate Zip Codes...and...Transportation Costs Increase
Domtar Closes Transaction with Weyerhaeuser Creating North American Leader in Fine Paper
Xerox Outpaces Competition with Digital Color Performance
Best Practices, New Solutions for Growth Featured During Kodak’s Network Symposium at AIIM ON DEMAND
71% of Buyer Companies Report No Problems with Paper Stock Availability
A Majority of Suppliers Have Not Experienced Paper Stock Availability Problems
Getting Technical
Topic Includes: Paper Wars
Kodak’s Jeffrey Hayzlett Authors Chapter in New Book on Marketing Leadership
43% of Buyers Predict No Impact on Print Costs from Recent Paper Tariffs
39% of Suppliers Predict a Major Effect on Print Costs from Recent Paper Tariffs
Real World: Print problems are not always what they appear to be
Topics Include: U.S.P.S. Update...­and...­Accurate Variable Data
Kodak Showcases Continuous Inkjet Printing Technology for Economical and Flexible Personalization
PaperSpecs Announces Free Webinar Series; First Event, May 23rd, To Address Sustainability
Majority of Buyers Report Using Soft Proofing for Final Proof for Less than 10% of Projects
Majority of Suppliers State Their Clients Use Soft Proofing as Final Proof for Over 50% of Projects
HP Expands Graphic Arts Portfolio to Help Customers Drive Growth
Orlando Printer Delivers Messages of Support for Troops Overseas
41% of Buyer Companies are Interested in Paying Print Suppliers by Credit Card
87% of Supplier Companies Accept Payments by Credit Card
Topics Include: Agency Relationships...and...Postal Increase Date
49% of Buyers State They Occasionally Purchase Wide-Format Printing
55% of Supplier Respondent Companies Produce Wide-Format Printing
Concord Litho Prints Interactive Scent Cards for ‘Laugh ‘n Sniff’ Episode of ‘My Name is Earl’
Topics Include: Change of Address…and…Do Not Mail Legislation
Industry Hails Adobe Creative Suite 3
P3Software Announces New Web-based P3Expeditor Software
96% of Buyer Respondents Do Not Require Their Printers to Carry Errors and Omissions Insurance
Print Suppliers Split on Carrying Errors and Omissions Insurance
EarthColor Powers Printing with 100% Wind
Topics Include: Complaints by Proxy…and…Principle of Sequential Liability
NAPL and InfoTrends Form Partnership to Help Graphic Communications Firms Improve Profitability
58% of Buyer Respondents Work With Specification Representatives from Paper Companies
47% of Suppliers State Their Companies Distribute Advertising Specialties
Topics Include: Chinese Paper Tariff…and…Proxy Ruling
Metropolitan Fine Printers Wins Kodak Best Stochastic Printing Award for Second Straight Year
33% of Buyer Respondents Say Their Companies Participate in Rebate Programs With Suppliers
47% of Suppliers Offer Their Customers Rebates for Committing to Large Projects Over the Year
Stora Enso supplies Nordstrom with 30% PCW and FSC-certified papers
Topic Includes: China and Paper
Topics Include: Facts about Color…and…Harry Potter Book
Nahan Printing Opens Facility Catalog, Magazine and Direct Mail Printer
63% of Buyer Respondents Say Their Suppliers Do Not Have to be on Pre-Approved List
Majority of Suppliers’ Customers Do Not Require Pre-Qualification for an Approved Supplier List
Topic Includes: Important Postal Update
Kodak and Design2Launch Help Global Marketing and Creative Teams
Buyers Report Their Print Suppliers Will Sometimes Offer Lower Priced Papers to Win a Job
52% of Suppliers Said they Often Offer Lower Priced Paper Alternatives in Their Job Quotes
Xerox Launches New Advertising, Marketing Initiatives to Support Growing Services, Color Business
Stora Enso Joins EPA’s Climate Leaders Program
New Digital Front End Maximizes the Power of HP Indigo Color Capabilities
52% of Buyers are Very Open to Supplier Suggestions for Improvement, Even If It Increases Costs
Most Suppliers Feel Their Customers are Somewhat Open to Suggestions for Project Improvements
Topics Include: Postage Rate Increase...and...Hispanic Market
Printing to Gray Balance
HP Indigo Capture Program Drives Business Growth
New SWOP® Certified Proofing Systems Announced Proofing “To the Numbers” is a Reality
Xerox Has its Sights Set on Growing Specialty Photo Applications at Photo Marketing Association Show Acquires Dr. Joe Webb's Research Firm
Majority of Buyers Say Over 50% of Their Print Projects Require Critical Color
42% of Suppliers Responded that Over Half of Their Customers’ Print Projects Require Critical Color
Topics Include: Marketing Expectations...and...U.S.P.S. Update
Topic Includes: Postal Rate Update
HP Breaks Record for Annual Page Growth in Digital Printing
EarthColor Buys Four Xerox iGEN3 Digital Presses, Workflow Software Expands Online Media Reach with the Acquisition of Forums
78% of Buyers State it is Important In their Roles to Possess Good Speaking/Presentation Skills
73% of Suppliers Feel Clients are More Focused on Price Now as Compared to a Few Years Ago
Topics Include: Proposed Merger…and…General Accountability Office
Print Oasis 2007 Encourages Print Buyers to Consider Becoming Marketing High Rollers
Stora Enso Signs on to Proactive Worldwide Strategy to Mitigate Climate Change Risks’s Circulation Expands to Over 45,000 with Acquisition of Electronic Publishing
On Average, Most Buyers Experience 10 to 25% Variance in Suppliers’ Print Project Quotes
54% of Suppliers Say Customers Should Not Buy Paper Direct
With Over 700 in Attendance and Expo Sell-Out Print Oasis 2007 Hits Big Success in Las Vegas
Suzanne Morgan Hosts Leopard Party at the Print Oasis 2007 Print Buyers Conference
Topics Include: Creditability of Custom Publishing…and…Provision for Postal Rate Increases
NAPL Organization Development & Compensation Study 2007
50% of Print Buyers Say They Never Share Competitors’ Prices Before Awarding a Job
40% of Suppliers State Their Clients Occasionally Share Competitors’ Pricing
Kodak Brings Solutions to Help Deliver Accurate Brand Colors to Package Design 07 Conference
49% of Print Buyers Always Expect to See Color Bars on Contract Quality Proofs
Topics Include: The Greatest Invention...and...Postal Legislation
50% of Suppliers State They Always Provide Color Bars on Their Contract Quality Proofs
In Addition to 32 Full Seminars, Print Oasis 2007 Print Buyers Conference & Exhibit Hosts
Topic Includes: Accuracy of Variable Data
Xerox Awarded 27 Percent More Patents in 2006;
52% of Print Buyers Say They Spend One to Three Hours on an Average Press Check
86% of Suppliers Say Their Customers Spend Less Than One Hour on a Press Check
Getting an accurate invoice
NAPL Honors Best Managed Graphic Communications Companies for 2006
Majority of Print Buyer Respondents Report Their Desks are Only Somewhat Cluttered
57% of Supplier Respondents Vacillate Between Having Super Neat and Messy Desks
Topic Includes: U.S.P.S. Follow-up
Topics Include: U.S.P.S. Proposed Changes…and…Perfect Mess
65% of Print Buyer Respondents Say They Never Use Print Brokers
82% of Print Supplier Respondents Feel Print Management Companies are Harmful to Printers
Topics Include: Breach Notification…and…Invoicing Issues
Xerox Prints Photo Book "Susan & Me" to Honor Women of All Ages and Origins
Why the Printing Industry’s “Terms and Conditions for Sale” Are Effectively Dead
40% of Buyers Ask Printers to Itemize Their Estimates, But Not With Great Detail
59% of Printers Say Requests for Itemizing Estimates Is Reasonable, As Long As Not Too Detailed
Xerox Corporation Hosts Book Signing Event at Print Oasis 2007
Topics Include: First Response…and…Forecast for 2007
The Print Council Provides “Why Print?” as a Free Business Development Tool for Printers
73% of Print Buyers State They Have Total Control Over Selection of Their Print Suppliers
56% of Print Supplier Companies Place Color Bars on Contract Quality Proofs
How to Evaluate Design & Creative Work
Ink Technology – Part 3: Printing Inks
Topics Include: Political Advertising…and…Valassis-Advo Debate
Equipment That Minimizes Costs and Maximizes Efficiencies Must be Key Part of Printers’ 2007 Plans
74% of Supplier Respondents Say their Companies Base Pricing on Condition of Customer Files
66% of Buyers Suspect That the Condition of Their Files Affect The Pricing They Receive
Ink Technology – Part 2: Choosing Ink
Topics Include: Shipping Costs…and…U.S.P.S. Performance
Stora Enso Adds More Sheet Options to its Futura Laser® Coated Digital Papers
15% of Print Buyer Companies are Considering Purchasing a High-end Contract Proofing System
Majority of Suppliers Say Less Than 10% of Their Customers Use a Print Management Software Tool
Ink Technology – Part 1: The Basics
Topic Includes: Be Prepared for Increases
Xerox Completes Acquisition of XMPie; Combined Technology Strengthens Personalized Communication
Nahan Printing is Named International Printer of the Year in Prestigious Sappi Worldwide Competition
Xerox Prints Personalized Copies of Bestselling Book by Seth Godin
Majority of Buyers Prefer to Receive Small, Impersonal Holiday Gifts from Print Suppliers
18% of Print Suppliers Do Not Give Gifts to Their Customers During the Holidays
Print Oasis 2007 Offers Exemplary Lineup of Speakers, Advanced & Creative Educational Tracks
Topics Include: Multi-channel Marketing…and…Do Not Mail Legislation
39% of Buyers Consider Websites of Prospective Suppliers Important in Influencing Their Perceptions
86% of Suppliers are Satisfied with Their Website's Ability to Effectively "Sell" Their Company
Topics Include: Big Cost of Small Packages…and…Vue/Point Conference Discontinued
Increasing Efficiencies through Integrated Digital Workflow
33% of Buyer Respondents Say Their Companies Have In-house Printing Capabilities
53% of Print Suppliers Feel Their Response to Customer RFI and RFP Requests is Excellent
Topics Include: Importance of List Hygiene…and…Congressional Action
53% of Print Buyer Respondents Say They are Compensated by Salary with No Bonus
Majority of Print Suppliers State that Very Few Customers Request Grid Pricing or Rate Cards
Topics Include: Offset Cost of Postal Rate Increase…and…High Speed Printer
Merger of NAQP with NAPL Approved by Memberships of Both Associations
Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group Launches Customer Publication, ONE Magazine
66% of Print Buyers are Currently Using or Interested in Web-to-Print Solutions
66% of Print Suppliers are Currently Offering Web-to-Print Solutions to Their Customers
Jeff Hayzlett, CMO, Kodak’s GCG Honored by Sales & Marketing Executive International
60% of Print Buyers Say Lack of Loyalty Discourages Suppliers’ Unique Solutions
Majority of Print Supplier Respondents Say Their Customers Do Not Use Reverse Auctions
KODAK MARKETMOVER Network Generates Business Opportunities by Creating a Global Print Community
Topics Include: Proposed Privacy Legislation…and…Mailing to Canada
Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing Specialized Multi-media CDs & DVDs
The NAPL 2006 State of the Industry Update Helps Prepare Printers for Expected Economic Slowdown
Topics Include: Postal Service Update...and..Lead Generation
Kodak Graph Expo Preview
Majority of Buyers Are Not Interested in Paying More to Receive Printer Consulting Services
60% of Suppliers Participate in Annual Review Meetings with Major Customers
Stora Enso introduces new ArborWeb™ paper grades
Kodak’s Jeff Hayzlett Appointed to Board of Business Marketing Association
42% of Buyers Report That a 1 to 5% Savings on Print Purchases Is a Realistic Goal
52% of Suppliers Say Their Customers are "Very or Somewhat Interested" in Buying "Green"
Topics Include: Update Capabilities...and...U.S.P.S. Budget
Stora Enso Productolith® coated paper sheets now FSC-certified
Xerox to acquire XMPie
NAPL Offers Free One-on-One Management Consultations
Majority of Print Buyers Report They Spend 2% or Less on Job Changes
Over 60% of Suppliers Say on Average They Make a Profit with New Customers on the First Job
How To Print On Uncoated Opaques
Series of Events Focus on Value of KODAK Unified Workflow Solution
Topics Include: Transportation Costs in 2007...and...Waste Paper
Most Print Buyers Received a 3-6% Salary Increase
30% of Print Suppliers Never Charge "Rush Charges"
Topic Includes: The Word "Quality"...and...Alteration Charges
Xerox Scientists Develop MicroText Font
NAPL Announces eKG™ Customer Focus Award Winners
Kodak Showcases Solutions Designed to Drive Customer Growth at Labelexpo
55% of Print Suppliers Say Their Customers Have Become More Conservative in Accepting Gifts
Most Print Buyers Prefer to Work with Suppliers That Are Local
Topics Include: Postal Rates Effective Date...and...Mailers Adjustments
44% of Print Buyers Pay Their Print Suppliers within 15 to 30 Days
52% of Printers Say Changes to Text or Graphics Incur the Highest Charges to Customers
Cougar Project #219
Xerox Introduces Industry's Lightest Digital Coated Paper
Stora Enso Launches UniSet SA High-Speed Pressure-Sensitive Label Paper for Breweries
Lynx® Opaque Has the Answer to Direct Mail
Topics Include: Postal Reform...and...Invoicing
Kodak Launches Podcasts on Enhancing Growth and Profitability with KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions
Topic Includes: Generalized System of Preferences
NAPL’s It’s All About the People Conference Slated for Nov. 15-17 in Suburban Milwaukee
80% of Print Buyers Purchase Ad Specialty and Promotional Items in Addition to Buying Printing
53% of Suppliers Say Their Customers’ Print Quantities for Individual Jobs Have Decreased Somewhat
Kodak Announces New Web-to-Unified Print Solution
Print Buyers and PCPI Announce Print Oasis 2007 Print Buyers Conference & Exhibit
Conventional vs. Stochastic Printing, Part 2 of 2
43% of Print Buyers Say Printers’ “Terms and Conditions for Sale” are Irrelevant or Outdated
38% of Suppliers Say Their “Terms and Conditions for Sale” are Somewhat Relevant
Topics Include: Security and Confidentiality...and...Print Price Increases
New NAPL Website Provides Easier Access to Information on Association’s Business-Building Solutions
New KODAK COLORFLOW Technology Enables Confident Delivery of Predictable Color
Conventional vs. Stochastic Printing, Part 1 of 2
51% of Print Buyer Respondents Purchase Other Media Communications Besides Printing
71% of Suppliers Do Not Have a Formal System to Rate their Best Customer Fit
Topics Include: "Research" is Going Away...and...G.A.O. Reports on U.S.P.S.
Stora Enso launches Productolith Pts.® coated cover
NAPL Calls for Management Plus Participants
Nahan Printing, Inc wins Two Gold, One Silver and Four Pewter Awards
The Majority of Print Buyer Respondents Use a PC Computer at their Work
67% of Suppliers Say that 25 to 36 Hours is a Realistic Time for Buyers to Receive a Proof
Topics Include: Language Usage...and...Automated Book Productions
Stora Enso's North American Operations Sustainability Report 2005
61% of Buyers Have Experienced Increases in Supplier Pricing Due to Rising Energy Costs
81% of Suppliers Say that Rising Energy Costs Have Caused their Companies to Increase Pricing
Topic Includes: Protection of Lists
Brian Kelzenberg Joins at Berthelot Marketing
Stora Enso rolls out OptiLabel Digital, certified for HP Indigo ws4050 Press
Topics Include: Paid-Periodical Rates...and...Do Not Call Registry
69% of Print Buyers Say They Are Responsible for Conducting Press Checks
71% of Suppliers Find Customers are Doing Fewer Press Checks Compared to Prior Years
Business-Building Postpress Innovations
Sharp Drop in June NAPL Printing Business Index™
Exhibitor Opportunities Now Available for Print Oasis 2007 Print Buyers Conference & Exhibit
63% of Buyers Feel Printers Should be Penalized Financially When at Fault for Late Deliveries
74% of Suppliers Find Customer Files Somewhat “Print-Ready” with Only Minor Adjustments Needed
Topic Includes: Challenge of Distribution
KODAK Digital Halftone, Inkjet and Monitor Proofing Solutions Excel in IPA Color Proofing RoundUP
Topic Includes: The Challenge of Envelopes
Stora Enso Centura® premium coated paper now FSC-certified
Xerox Workflow Software Helps Print Providers Profit from Print Jobs Submitted Via the Web
58% of Buyers’ Purchases Remain Steady Throughout the Summer Months
46% of Suppliers Said their Business Remains Steady During the Summer
44% of Buyers Feel the Brand of Printing Press/Equipment in Production of Their Jobs is Important
40% of Suppliers Find Their Customers View the Brand of Printing Press/Equipment Important
Topic Includes: U.S.P.S. Metrics
Best Paper Choices for Embossing and Foil Stamping
The Benefits of Saturation Mailing
Majority of Buyers Send InDesign and PDF File Formats, Quark is in the Running
61% of Printers Prefer to Receive Print Jobs from Customers in High-res PDF File Format
Topic Includes: Early Predictions on Budgeting for 2007
Stora Enso's Whiting Mill receives Wisconsin Business “Friend of the Environment” Award
Send Free Postcards of Support to U.S. Troops Overseas Via Xerox Website
Stamp and Bump - Combining Foil Stamping and Embossing
Foil Stamping
62% of Buyers Say They Usually Get Several Bids on All Print Projects
88% of Printer Respondents Offer Variable Data Printing Services to Their Customers
Topic Includes: U.S. Postal Service is Sued
Xerox Expands Coated Paper Line to Give Customers Even More Digital Printing Flexibility
Ongoing Profit Squeeze Contributes to Dip in NAPL May 2006 Printing Business Index
Graphic Designers See Quality and Impact of Xerox Digital Color Printing at HOW Design Conference
41% of Buyers Say Paper Purchasing Decisions are Influenced by Paper Manufacturers’ Print Promotions
67% of Printers Feel Customers Do Not Save Money by Buying Paper Direct and Supplying It
Topics Include: Costs of Mailing Lists...and...Label Usage
NAPL's Truncale Appointed an Examiner in Baldrige National Quality Program
The Embossing Process
R&E Council of NAPL Calls for Nominations
36% of Buyers Receive a Quarterly or Annual Bonus Based on Job Performance
78% of Printers Feel “Kick-backs” or Hidden Commissions Paid to a Designer/Agency are Unacceptable
Kodak’s Sally Toth Receives 2006 President’s Award
Topics Include: Dissatisfied Customers…and…Bad Word-of-Mouth Marketing
47% of Buyers Say That Politics Sometimes Play Into Supplier Selection
Most Printers Are Upfront When Ending Relationships with Buying Companies
Topics Include: Tax Code Statistics…and…Election Year
eKG™ Customer Focus Awards Established by NAPL To Recognize Excellence in Customer Relationships
NAPL Debuts NAPL Business Review
Topic Includes: Fax Regulations
Xerox Executes Growth Strategy With Five New Color Systems
Xerox is First to Target Mid-Production Color Market With Latest Color Digital Press
Print Buyers Utilize a Combination of Long-Term Contracts and Bid Systems for Print Jobs
80% of Printers Do Not Participate in Competitive Online Bidding or Print Auctions
Most Buyers Receive Less Than Three Calls Per Week from Prospective Printers
Majority of Printers Rarely Outsource Customers’ Jobs Without their Knowledge
Topics Include: Grow-A-Note Products…and…Computer Rage
Customized Staffing Solutions for the Graphics Industry
The Color of Paper
Gain in Pricing, Work-on-Hand, Hiring and Hiring Plans Lift NAPL March 2006 Printing Business Index
Topic Includes: Statistics of Advertising and Promotion
12% of Buyers Have Purchased Print from an Online Printing Company in the Past Six Months
83% of Suppliers Do Not "Drop by" to Visit Clients Without an Appointment
The Joy of Six
Majority of Print Buyers Do Not Currently Use a Digital Asset Management System
Most Suppliers Say They Provide Digital Asset Management Services to Their Customers
Topic Includes: Buzz Marketing
New NAPL Web Press Blue Book Offers Latest Rate Data in Print, PDF, and Interactive Software
A Touch, a Bump, a Kiss
Topics Include: Postal Volume Discounts…and…Price Increases in Commodities
Kodak Names Jeffrey Hayzlett Chief Marketing Officer for Graphic Communications Group
56% of Buyers Say That Environmental Certification Status Doesn’t Affect Paper Purchasing Decisions
16% of Suppliers Say More Clients are Requesting Papers with an Environmental Certification Status
Topics Include: Repositionable Notes…and…Arbitration
P3Software Announces Expanded Procurement Evaluation Features
‘Secret Agent’ for Xerox Toner Helps Company Uncover More Energy Savings
New Vintage Cougar, “Better With Age”
65% of Printers Do Not Provide Online Job Status for Customers’ Projects
87% of Print Buyers Do Not Receive Job Status in Real-Time Online from Their Printers
86% of Print Buyer Respondents Receive Soft Proofs from their Printers
57% of Print Suppliers Rarely Outsource Customers’ Jobs Without Their Knowledge
Topic Includes: Improving Effectiveness of Direct Mail
NAPL - PIA/GATF Management & Leadership Institute
Topics Include: Return Policies…and…Predicting the Future
About 50% of Print Buyers Claim They Never Ask Their Printers to Lower the Price
Trends in Print Buying 2006
56% of Print Supplier Respondents Occasionally Lower Initial Price Quoted
57% of Print Buyers Find Industry Print Standards like SWOP, GRACoL, SNAP Helpful and Relevant
Print Suppliers Split on How Often they Charge Customers for Overs
Topics Include: Public Trust…and…EMAF Survey Results
38% of Print Buyers Expect a Response Rate of 3% to 7% from Personalized Campaigns
45% of Print Suppliers Say Customers Should Expect an 8% to 14% Response Rate for Personalization
Topics Include: Interstate Fax Transmission…and…Increased Transportation Costs
72% of Print Buyers Said a Printer’s Collateral is Important in Identifying Suppliers
50% of Print Suppliers Think a Printer’s Collateral is Very Important to Print Buyers
Topic Includes: Financial Loss for U.S.P.S.
Print Buyers Divided Between the Departments That They Work In
29% of Print Suppliers Prefer Their Main Contacts be in Marketing Departments
Topics Include: Choosing Correct Metric…and…U.S.P.S. Competition?
The NAPL 2006 State of the Industry Report
Topics Include: Price Increases…and…Technology Impacts
38% of Print Buyers Say Their Primary Position is Buying and Managing Print Projects
77% of Print Suppliers Find Clients More Focused on Price Now than Prior Years
77% of Print Buyers Say Their Companies Have Not Investigated Outsourcing to Print Management Co
68% of Print Suppliers Say They are Not Working With a Print Management Company
Topics Include: Postal Reform Bill…and…West Coast Deliveries
PCPI Announces Launch of Professional Print Production Certification Programs
55% of Print Buyers Sometimes Share Competitor Pricing with Print Suppliers
54% of Print Suppliers Say Buyers Sometimes Share Other Printers' Pricing
Topics Include: Technology Races Ahead…and…Mailing List Rules
76% of Print Buyers Say the Sales Rep Plays Huge Part in Supplier Selection
81% of Printers Say Buyers Work with Them Based on Right Fit with Sales Rep
Topic Includes: Postal Update
Xerox Takes Paper to the Next Level
63% of Print Buyers Find It Offensive for Suppliers to Attempt to Sell to Upper Management
Print Suppliers Say They Don’t "Go Over the Print Buyer’s Head"
Topic Includes: Supplier Capabilities
Paper Conditioning
Print Buyers Split on Average Turnaround Time for Printing a Perfect Bound Book
Majority of Print Suppliers Estimate Turnaround of Over Two Weeks on Perfect Bound Books
Topic Includes: Custom Publishing
Concord Litho Secures Patent for CoverSleeve, A Unique Magazine Cover Format
NAPL Chief Economist Andrew D. Paparozzi to Keynote
Topics Include: Court Ruling on Telemarketing…and…Shredded Paper
49% of Print Buyers Change Their Specs One to Two Times
Majority of Print Suppliers Say That Their Customers Change Specs Often
52% of Print Buyers Will Ask Their Print Suppliers to Meet Faster Turnaround Times This Year
71% of Print Suppliers Expect Their Customers to Ask Them to Produce Print Jobs More Quickly
Topics Include: Cost Update…and…American Postal Workers
25% of Print Buyers Are Mailing Print Projects Now in Effort to "Beat" January USPS Postage Increase
22% of Print Suppliers Find Their Customers Are Trying to "Beat" the January USPS Postage Increase
Topics Include: The Printed Word…and…Annual Reports
52% of Print Buyers Can Accept Small Holiday Gifts from Suppliers
Majority of Print Suppliers Send Small Holiday Gifts That Can Be Shared By Their Customers
Topic Includes: Revised IRS Standards
Digital & Variable Data Printing Buying Survey 2005, part 2
Topics Include: Looking Ahead to 2007… and…Changes in Supplier Capabilities
P3Software closes $1 million Private Equity Deal
59% OF Print Buyers Would Not be Comfortable Going to Lunch with a Prospective Supplier
64% of Printers Say Its Okay to Go to Lunch with Prospective Customers
Digital & Variable Data Printing Buying Survey 2005, part 1
Most Print Buyers Usually Send Files for Print Jobs to Printers/Suppliers by FTP
Majority of Print Suppliers Customers’ Most Often FTP Their Files for Print Jobs
Topics Include: Cost of Mail Lists…and…FedEx and UPS Rate Increases
Weyerhaeuser Adjusts Brightness Levels and Shades for Select Products
Topics Include: Opt-in Email Messages…and…Return Addresses on Direct Mail
Majority of Print Buyers See a Benefit in Becoming a Certified Print Buyer/Print Professional
Most Print Suppliers Are Somewhat Satisfied With Their Printing Industry Associations
59% of Print Buyers Find “One-Stop Shopping” Print Suppliers Attractive But Not Critical
Most Print Suppliers Find Their Customers Do Not Select Suppliers Based on “One-Stop Shopping”
Topics Include: Written Terms & Conditions...and...In-Store Marketing
Most Print Buyers Provide Suppliers With Detailed Instructions on Quality Expectations
86% of Print Suppliers Are Receptive to Customers Providing Instructions on Quality Expectations
Majority of Print Buyers Request Grid Pricing to Provide Client Estimates or for Budgeting
Print Suppliers Split on What Customers Are Looking For When Requesting Grid Pricing
Topics Include: Explain Your Role and Postal Rate Increase
Concord Litho Wins 12 Printing Excellence Awards
Majority of Print Buyers Have Asked Their Printers for Grid Pricing for Some Print Projects
Only Small Percentage of Print Suppliers’ Customers Request Grid Pricing for Print Projects
Topics Include: U.S. Mail Privacy and Direct Marketing Association Report
Topics Include: Disaster Plan and Redemption Dates
77% of Print Buyers Have Increased Their Digital Color Printing Over the Past Year
Most Print Suppliers Report Their Customers’ Purchases of Digital Color Printing has Increased
Topic Includes: Postage Rates
Most Print Buyers Have Experienced Little or No Impact on Their Print Campaigns Due to Hurricanes
69% of Print Suppliers Said the Recent Hurricanes Have Not Impacted their Customers’ Print Campaigns
Topic Includes: The Extended Plant Visit
The Majority of Print Buyers Do Not Use Reverse Auctions to Gather Pricing
Most Print Suppliers Find Their Buyers Do Not Use Reverse Auctions to Award Jobs
52% of Print Buyers Are Highly Likely to Request a Different Sales Rep
Most Print Suppliers Believe that Buyers Will Ask For a Different Sales Rep if They Are Dissatisfied
Topic Includes: U.S. Postal Service Status
Topic Includes: New I.R.S. Regulation
Majority of Buyer Companies Seldom Make Changes to Jobs During Press Checks
Printers Say that Most Print Buyers Only Occasionally Make Changes to Jobs During Press Checks
Looking at the Big Picture: RFPs, Reverse Auctions/Online Bidding, Agreements and Contracts, part 3
Topic Includes: Digitally-Produced Postcards
At Least 54% of Press Checks are Conducted by Print Buyers
47% of Print Suppliers Feel Buyer Companies Should Conduct Press Checks
Looking at the Big Picture: RFPs, Reverse Auctions/Online Bidding, Agreements and Contracts, part 2
Industry Updates from Print ‘05
Looking at the Big Picture: RFPs, Reverse Auctions/Online Bidding, Agreements and Contracts, part 1
Topic Includes: Conducting Project Reviews
Magnetic Ink Equips Xerox’s Fastest Continuous-Feed Printers to Print Checks and Financial Documents
75% of Buying Companies Are Not Currently Using an E-Procurement System
Printers Say that Less Than 10% of their Customers Use a Print Specific E-Procurement System
Topic Includes: Cutting Costs
Xerox to Demonstrate Profit-Building Technology, Services in Largest All-Digital Display at Print 05
Print Suppliers Split On Their Ability To Communicate and Translate In Spanish
Majority Of Print Buyers Don’t Find It Important For Suppliers To Communicate In Spanish
Key Paper Properties
Xerox Refreshes Leading Paper Line, Offering More Choices, Improved Quality
Kodak Improves MATCHPRINT Digital Halftone Yellow Media To Comply With Proposed GRACoL Specification
How Are We Doing? - Results of PBO’s Member Satisfaction Survey
Topic Includes: Postal Rate Update
Majority of Print Buyers Agree that the Standard Brightness Level for U.S. Paper Should Move to 92
57% of Print Suppliers Think the Standard Brightness Level for U.S. Paper Should Remain at 84
Introducing PCPI - the Premier Association Dedicated to Print Buyers
Topic Includes: Status of Postal Reform
21% of Print Buyers Either Have or Are Considering Purchasing a High-end Contract Proofing System
16% of Print Suppliers Think Customers Will Begin Purchasing High-end Contract Proofing Systems
Selecting Paper for a Digital Color Printer
Topics Include: Postal Rates... and...ISBN-13
44% of Print Buyers are Currently Responsible for Training Others on Print Buying and Production
Most Customers Express Interest in Receiving Print-related Education from their Print Suppliers
NAPL Printing Business Index® Remains High in June
12 New Technologies Impacting the Print Buyer, part 2
Paper Types and Grades
Topics Include: Mail List Maintenance…and…Data Consolidation
Kodak Launches New Certified Process for Color Confirmation on the VERIS Proofer
Kodak Launches Specialized Management Information System for Print Providers
Most Print Buyers Believe the Average Printing Company Nets 7 to 12% Profit
Print Suppliers Believe That On Average Other Printers Make 7-12% Profit
40% of Print Buyers State They Have Not Been Conducting Review Meetings with Core Print Suppliers
Most Print Supplier Respondents Participate in Annual Review Meetings with Major Customers
Topics Include: Postal Service Update…and…Credit Card Offers
12 New Technologies Impacting the Print Buyer, part 1
Helpful Tips on Finding Paper Resources
Topic Includes: Outlook for Print Buying for Remainder of 2005
Most Print Buyers Indicate their Print Quantities Have Recently Decreased
80% of Print Suppliers Report a Drop in their Customers’ Print Quantities
Topics Include: Fax Regulations…and…Confidentiality Issues
64% of Print Buyers Expressed Interest in Buying Environmentally Friendly Papers
Print Suppliers Say that 50% of their Customers Have Interest in Buying "Green"
Over 50% of Print Buyers Say that Touring a Prospective Print Supplier’s Facility is Very Important
Most Print Suppliers Assert that Less than 25% of their Prospective Customers Conduct Plant Tours
A Print Buyer’s Guide to Being Green
Topic Includes: Proposed Postal Reform Update
Over 50% of Print Buyers Worked for a Print Supplier before Buying
Most Printers Say that Print Buyer Specification of Equipment is Stable
Topics Include: Slotting of Suppliers...and...Magazine Launches
Topics Include: Postal Service Update
Xerox Makes it Easier for Print Buyers, Providers to Access Digital Technology, Service Worldwide
A Print Buyer's Role in a Printer Partnership, part 2
Majority of Print Buyers Believe Their Files are Very “Print Ready”
Only 5% of Print Suppliers Say Customers’ Files are Very "Print Ready"
Topics Include: Print is Alive and Well…and…Vocabulary Update
Print Buyers Express Limited Interest for Purchasing Media Services from their Print Suppliers
71% of Print Suppliers Do Not Currently Offer Additional Media Services
A Print Buyer's Role in a Printer Partnership, part 1
Kodak Completes Acquisition of Creo Inc.
Topics Include: Integrated Marketing Communications…and…Recycled Papers
E-mail is the Method Preferred by Print Buyers to Send Bid Specifications to Suppliers
Print Supplier Respondents Prefer to Receive Bid Specifications in Email Format
Print Buyers’ Print Oasis 2005 Conference
Topics Include: Mailing Digital Color…and…Postal Discounts
Most Print Buyers Have Total Control When Selecting Print Suppliers
Print Suppliers Split on New Customer Profitability
Trends in Print Buying 2005
Topics Include: Restrictions on Fax Marketing...and...Federal Reserve Bank Study
Many Print Buyers Say that Printers Should be Penalized for Late Jobs
Over 30% of Print Suppliers Never Charge “Rush Charges” for Quick Turns
Topics Include: Catalog Trends...and...Status of Postal Reform
Buyers Print Orders Not Hurt by Internet and Email Promotions
Print Suppliers Optimistic about Customers' Use of Print
How Sales Representatives Can Provide Greater Value
Impact of Postage Hike
Most Print Buyers Say They Can Easily Acquire Paper Samples from Paper Suppliers
81% of Print Supplier Respondents Say They Offer Digital/Variable Data Printing Services
Topics Include: Custom Publishing…and…Building Customer Loyalty
Print Buyers Split on Checking Supplier References
Topics include: USPS Post-it Notes...and...Job Reruns
Majority of Print Suppliers Offer Soft/Remote Proofing Services
Majority of Print Buyers Oppose Kick-backs Paid to Agencies/Designers
Print Suppliers Split on Whether to Pay Hidden Commissions to Agencies/Designers
Topics include: Paper and Digital Printing...and...Word of Mouth Marketing
PBO Print Buyers Purchase Wide-Format Printing
Print Suppliers' Customers are Cautious about Accepting Gifts
Topics include: Timing for Trade Show Invitations...and...Best Days for DM Delivery
Xerox and Pantone Take Guesswork Out of Digital Color Printing
Topics include: Billions in Credit Card Mailers...and...Postal Increase in 2006
UCC Terminology for FOB
Thirty Percent of Print Buyers Purchase Assignment and Stock Photography
Most Print Suppliers Prefer to Handle Paper Purchases
Topics include: Print and the Aging Population...and...USPS Rate Filing
Printers Reveal How Often They Charge for Overs
Print Buyers Won't Pay More for Extensive Print Supplier Consulting Services
Causes for Slow Mail Delivery
Print Buyers Voice Their Level of Tolerance for Print Supplier Errors
Printers Reveal that Customer Press Checks are Declining
Topics include: Internet Marketing...and...Terminology on Variable Data Printing
NAPL’s Top Management Conference 2005
Printers Reveal How They “Fire” Unwanted Customers
Print Buyers Discuss How They End Relationships With Unwanted Print Suppliers
Ownership of Files
Topics include: Not All Direct Mail Is the Same...and...The Data Dilemma
Topics include: The Best Advertising Placement...and...Magazine Advertising Rebounds
Members Discuss Buying Printing from Foreign Print Suppliers
Do Print Suppliers Offer Educational Programs for Their Customers?
Members Debate the Relevancy of Industry Standards such as SWOP, GRACoL, SNAP
Suppliers Discuss the Main Culprit of Customers' AA (Authors Alterations) or Change Order Costs
Topics include: Coupons and Offers...and...Increase in Direct Mail
Printers Discuss Whether Their Companies Participate in Online Bidding or Print Auction Services
Print Buyers Reveal How Interested They Would Be In Paying Their Print Suppliers By Credit Card
Topics Include: Kodak Means Business...and...Postal Update
Print Buyers Reveal The Percentage Spent On Their Annual Budget After a Job is Sent to The Printer
Printers Discuss How Often They Outsource Their Customers’ Jobs Without Their Knowledge
Topics Include: The Impact of Ink Prices...and...This Threat Won’t Go Away
Topics Include: Threat to Print's Effectiveness...and...Packaging Revolution
Printers Express Frustration With Buyers Lack of Print Knowledge
Print Buyers Reveal How Interested They Would Be In Joining A Professional Print Association
Print Buyers Reveal How Quickly They Receive Invoices From Their Print Suppliers
Printers Discuss Their Ability to Respond to RFIs and RFPs
Printer's Discuss Their Greatest Challenge When Working With Current Customers
Topics Include: 3-D Without Glasses....and....Ink Prices
Printers Discuss Their Thoughts On ‘Dropping By’ To Visit Current Customers Without An Appointment
Print Buyers Reveal If They Tell Printers That Their Price is Too High Instead of the Real Reason
Topics Include: Saving Space.....Deadly Accurate......and Name Badges
Topics include: Sharing Information....and....Testing the Productivity of Direct Mail
Members Discuss the Decrease in Turnaround Times for Their Print Projects
Advice to Print Sales Reps from Print Buyers, Part 2
Members Debate the Use of Online Bidding and Print Auction Services
Topics include: USPS Update...and...Problems with San Serif Type Faces
Topics include: AMA Changes Its Definition of Marketing....and...Cross-channel Promotions How-Tos
Members Discuss the Helpfulness of Receiving Online Job Status from Their Printers
Technology Update: Buying Organizations with Do More, but Pay Less
Members Debate Whether to Share a Supplier’s Unique Solution with Other Printers
Topics include: Inkjet Colors...and...A Bright Idea
Members Rate Their Knowledge of Printing Compared to Sales Representatives
Topics include: Trucking Problems Increase Print Prices...and...UPS and FedEx Raise Prices
Members Discuss Their Frustrations with Sales Reps Who “Drop By” Without an Appointment
Topics include: Postal Inaction...and...Marketing Backlash
Topics include: Paper Availability Update...and...A Danger in Long-term Agreements
Advice to Print Sales Reps from Print Buyers
Members Discuss the Importance of Location in Supplier Selection
Topics include: How to Get the Direct Mail Envelope Opened
Members Discuss the Importance of Delivering New Ideas to Their Companies and Clients
Members Rate Print Suppliers on Communicating Meaningful Differentiation
Topics include: Requirements for Canadian Mail...also...Junk Fax Prevention Act
An Effectively Designed Mail the GARBAGE!
Members Discuss Their Views on Printers Attempting to Sell to Their Superiors
Topics include: Paper and Long-term Agreements
Digital Printing Overview: Advantages and Applications
Members Discuss Their Preference of Sales Rep or CSR
Topics include: Government Actions that Affect Print Buyers
Members Discuss How Often They Conduct Press Checks
Topics include: The Value of Frequency Programs...and...Costs of E-mail Lists
Topics include: Decline of Telemarketing...and...Print and Privacy
Members Discuss Their Knowledge of Paper
Topics include: Triple Cost Whammy....and...The Best Test Markets
Members Discuss Their Enjoyment of Print Buying
Members Discuss Their Quality Expectations
Topics include: The Real Cost of Variable Data...and...Do Not Call E-mail Registry
Topics include: Federal regulations impact label printing...The book: might it be here to stay?
Members Discuss Their Use of Soft Proofs
Members Discuss In-house Printing Capabilities
Topics include: Before You Buy Printing Overseas...and...The Resurrection of Life Magazine
Members Discuss the Importance of Touring a Supplier’s Facilities
Topics include: Bar code standards change Jan. 1, 2005...and...Integrated marketing communications
Members Discuss the Variance in Printers’ Price Quotes
Suzanne Morgan Named Winner of Edwin S. Wise Award
Topics include: UPSP wants to increase postage for "stickies"....and...Research? What's that?
Short Run Color Solutions (focus on Direct Imaging)
Topics include: Legislation concerning food labeling...and...Magazine advertising pages finally up
Members Discuss Their Willingness to Use New Suppliers
Members Discuss the Importance of Price
Topics include: Paper Availability Problems...and...More About Postal Rate Increases
Some Advice on Direct Mail Targeting
Topics include: More On Postal Rate Increases...and...Thought You'd Like to Know
Members State that Redos on Jobs Are Not Increasing
Correction on digital color laser printing devices
Member offers advice on conducting press checks
Topics include: Paper Price Increases...and...Evaluating Print Suppliers
Members Share Their Thoughts on Rating Suppliers' Performance
Members Have Increased Their Purchase of Digital Color Laser Printing
Topics include: Response Rates May be in Jeopardy...and E-mail is Serious Business
A Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises With Your Direct Mail Program
Case Study: Creating a Custom Quark XTension for Measuring Ads
Topics include: The Clutter Challenge...and What Are the Limits of Privacy?
Members Discuss the Importance of the Sales Rep
Topics include: Keeping Mailing Lists Updated ...and Proper Postcard Usage
Members Tell Us How Much of Their Job is Buying Print
Making Creative Work: How Do You Get Them to Open Your Direct Mail?
Letters to the Editor
Members Share Their Thoughts on Paying For Overs
Topics include: Ruling on unsolicited mail increasing
11 Things You Should be Accomplishing With Your Database
Members Share Their Thoughts on the Most Effective Way to Buy Printing
Topics include: Branding vs. Differentiation...and...Communicating Your Preferences
A Print Buyer’s Worst Nightmare
Topics include: the Costs of E-mail Lists....And You Think Your Cost Per Unit is High...
Members Tell Us How Many Prospective Printers Attempt to Get Their Business Each Week
Members Tell Us How Many Proofs They Review for a Typical Print Project
Print Budget Busters – Take This Quiz!
Topics include: Before You Send That Personalized Direct Mail Piece...also...Advertising Clutter
Topics include: Disappointments with Responses to RFQs...also...The Status of Coupons
Ten Considerations When Working With Your Digital Color Print Provider
Members Share Their Thoughts on Expectations for Receiving Price Estimates
Members Share Their Thoughts on Their Preference of a Male or Female Sales Rep
Topics include: Deliver My Samples First...also...A Different Kind of Direct Mail List
Members share their thoughts on paying for overs
Print Oasis 2004 Attendees Share Their Thoughts
Topics: Get Familiar with Canadian Privacy Laws...also...The Presence of Cell Phones at Meetings
PBO reveals whether our members have ever been offered bribes by print suppliers
Trends in Print Buying 2004
Topics include: Think Twice About How You Measure Productivity...also...List Maintenance
Topics include: Where Direct Mail Dollars Should Be Spent...also...Customer Satisfaction Insights
PBO reveals how our members rate the availability of job opportunities for print buyers
PBO reveals whether our members’ print suppliers provide them with education & industry information
Topic: What To Do When a Print Job Fails to Meet Your Expectations
Rasters, Vectors and RIPs Made Simple - Part Two of a Two Part Article
Topics include: Use Integrated Marketing Communications...also...To Saddlestitch or Perfect Bind?
PBO reveals whether our members received pay increases in the past year
PBO reveals how often our members involve their printers in the planning/design of their projects
Topics Include: Limits on Direct Mail...also...Shelf Life of Pantone Books
Topics include: Customer Satisfaction Doesn't Guarantee Loyalty...also...Electronic Data Can Degrade
Recency, Frequency, Monetary History
PBO reveals how much our members have consolidated their supplier base in the last year
Weathering the Storm: Strategies for Growth in the Emerging Business Communications Marketplace
PBO reveals whether our members buy paper directly from paper merchants or mills
Topics include: The Importance of Correct Font Choices...also...Product Buyer Perceptions Revealed
Rasters, Vectors, and RIPs Made Simple - Part One of a Two Part Article
PBO reveals whether our members require printers to break out prices on their estimates
There’s No Free Lunch When it Comes to Overs and Storage ...also...The Value of Postal Permits
Be Patient With Your Printers...also...Inconsistent Postal Regulations Can Affect Your Direct Mail
Case Study: A Printing and Mailing Team That Just Won’t Quit!
PBO reveals how often our members specify synthetic papers
Verify References for New Suppliers...also...Privacy Laws Encourage Mailing of Printed Materials
Shifting Responsibilities: Digital Workflow Presents New Challenges & Opportunities for Print Buyers
12 Vital Questions to Ask Your List Broker
The Industry Standard for Overs is No Longer 10%…also…Problems with Reflex Blue
PBO reveals whether our members prefer to use print suppliers that provide “one-stop shopping"
JDF: Why print buyers need to know about it
The Effectiveness of Customized Direct Mail...also...Educating Salespeople
Quantity Doesn't Necessarily Equal Quality...also...Compliance With Rules for Email Spam
PBO reveals whether print buyers review final invoices from their suppliers
Tips For Evaluating Your Print Suppliers…also…The Prepress Dilemma
Case Study: How to Wring Big Dollars Out of a Big Mailing
PBO reveals whether print buyers are paying their suppliers for minor alterations
The Annual Relationship Review…also…How to Capture Readers’ Attention
More Color!
PBO reveals how often print buyers request multiple bids for their projects
Marketing Response Rates…also…How to Use Type Fonts
PBO Reveals How Print Buyers Prefer to Submit Bids to Their Suppliers
On A Need To Know Basis: Know XMP
Recycling Paper…Is There a True “Loyalty Card?”
PBO Reveals How Much Profit the Average Printing Company REALLY makes
The Problem with Customer Relationship Management...The New CAN-SPAM Law
Are you choosing the right method for your mail?
Print Buyers Reveal How Their Companies Budget for Print Projects
That Magic Word...Consider it Confidential
Case Study: How One Buyer Resolved a Baffling Trapping Problem
Anxiously Awaiting News...”Why Are You Calling Me?”
Do print buyers read the “Terms and Conditions of Sale” contracts from their suppliers?
On a Need to Know Basis: Know PDF
Plasticized Paper...The Status of The USPS...Always Be Explicit
Do print buyers recognize their suppliers with gifts, lunches or awards?
Members offer additional advice about how to prevent print jobs from cracking on the fold
Print buyers reveal their company policies about holiday gift giving
Trucking issues that can impact print buyers....also Communicating quality to your printers
Key Considerations for Selecting Digital Imaging Paper
Print buyers share their thoughts about salaried vs commissioned sales reps
Excerpts from NAPL's Redefine Your Future With Mailing & Fulfillment Services Conference
How to save time and money by creating flawless files
Ideas for using plastic “affinity” cards
The International Color Consortium's Role in Color Management
Members offer advice to print buyer who received inaccurate bid
More Advice on How to Use Reverse Print Auctions
12 Guidelines for Getting the Most Out of Digital Printing
Interviewing Print Suppliers
Members share their thoughts on rejecting print jobs
A Print Buyer’s Experience with Reverse Print Auctions
What Should You Expect From a Printing Sales Rep?
Members share their advice regarding invoices and ownership of dies
Results of PBO's 2nd Annual Paper Specification Survey
Printer Goes Out of Business – Job Held Hostage
Creating Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFPs)
Best Practices for Consolidating Print Suppliers, part 3 of 3
Five Tips for Creating an Effective Personalized Project
Pack a Protective Punch with Varnish or New Aqueous Coating
Print Buyer Round Tables
Best Practices for Consolidating Print Suppliers, part 2 of 3
The Current State of the Printing & Publishing Industry
The New Print Customer
Prospering in Tough Times and Short Run Printing
Variable Data Printing and Designing For Digital
Best Practices for Consolidating Print Suppliers, part 1
Hiring and Motivating Staff
Best Uses of Bindery
Buyer-Seller Pre-Nuptials – Terms and Conditions of Sale
Production Tips for Print Buyers
Print Oasis Attendees Share Their Thoughts
Trends in Print Buying
Print Buyer of the Year
Winners of the PBO Awards
Cut the Sweet Talk
What is Thermography?
Frequently Asked Questions about Thermography
How to Use Thermography in Design
How Are We Doing?
7 Things a Printer Should Never Do
7 Tips for Selecting Paper
Print Buyer’s Plant Tour Checklist
PDF/X-1a With A Smile: TIME Has Mandated It, Wizards of the Coast Already Loves It
PBO's Proofing Checklist
Member Spotlight -- PBO Member Vince Marini
The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR
Providing Value to Print Buyers and Creatives
Evaluating Your Printers
Personnel and Personal Survivors, part 2
Personnel and Personal Survivors
Partnering with Your Printer for Cost and Time Savings, part 2 of 2
Partnering with Your Printer for Cost and Time Savings, part 1 of 2
In Remembrance of the September 11 Tragedy
PBO Profiles – Member Spotlight
11 Ways to Save Money on Your Print Projects
How to Give an Effective Performance Review
Printing on Uncoated Stock
How to Prepare for a Performance Review
PBO Profiles
Vote for Your Favorite Printer
Using Stochastic Screening to Improve Your Printed Image
Print Standards
Digital Color Proofing in Today’s Market
When to Use Laser, Multi-Use/Multi-Purpose or Inkjet Papers
Marking Up Print Projects, part 3
Marking Up Print Projects, part 2
Creating & Maintaining a Successful Print Production Club
A Sustainable Future for Print Buyers
How to Choose a Digital Print Provider, part 2 of 2
Environmental Considerations for the Print Buyer, part 2
Results of PBO's Digital Printing Survey
Digital & Variable Data Printing, part 1 of 2
Environmental Considerations for the Print Buyer, part 1
Media Choices Matter in the Digital Printing World
Making Technology Work for Your Organization
How Can a Prospective Print Supplier Provide Value?, part 3 of 3
How to Save Money on Print Buying, part 1
How Can a Prospective Print Supplier Provide Value?, part 2
How Can a Prospective Print Supplier Provide Value?, part 1
Results of PBO's Print Buyer Compensation Survey
Winners of the PBO Awards!
Variable Data Printing
Print On Demand -- Definitions from Industry Experts
Top 10 Traits of Successful Print Buyers
Print Production: Where Creative Ideas Become Reality
Success in Digital Printing
What is a print broker and should you use one?
Improving the Proof Sign-off Ticket
Results of PBO's Paper Specification Survey, part 2
Should Printers Develop Relationships With Your Superiors?
Exploring Print Production Opportunities
Print Buyers and Designers Working Together
Surviving the Project from Hell
Getting the Most From Your Printers
Results of PBO's Paper Specification Survey
Should Printers Drop-by Without an Appointment?
How far should printers have to break out their estimates?
More Great Ideas for Anthrax-panicked Direct Marketers
A Designer & Production Manager's Experience with Environmentally Friendly Paper
Great Ideas for Anthrax-panicked Direct Marketers
Financial Tracking and Accountability
Part 3: Diecutting, Embossing, & Foil Stamping
Trends in Digital Proofing
How to Attract Top Talent in Tight Labor Market
7 Quality Control Steps for Special Printing Processes:
Special Printing Processes
How far should printers have to break out their estimates?, cont.
Color Management for Print Buyers
Printing on Synthetic Papers
How far should printers have to break out their estimates?
Best Practices in Digital Print
Titles for Print Buyers
Making the Most Out of an Internet Search
What your printer should know about you
The Role of a Print Buyer
23 Tips for Creating Business-to-Business Mailings That Work
Computer-to-Plate (CTP) Technology
Computer-to-Plate Technology
Working with Printers Outside the U.S. : Canadian Printers
Fight Postal Cost Increases with Paper
Selecting the Right Proof
Winning the Value Revolution
Handling Interruptions, Part 2
Soft Proofing: An Interview with RealTime Image
Handling Interruptions, Part 1
Ink Resources
What Makes Proofing Difficult?
Five Simple Steps to Strengthen Supplier Relationships
Advancing Your Career: Receiving Feedback
Keeping Up with Technology
What's Ailing Your Mailing?
How to do a press check, part 3
Essential print buying tools
Suppliers Outsourcing Your Jobs
Looking good on paper
Proof Evaluation Strategy
Evaluating a supplier's customer service
Essential Paper Tips
Paper Facts: You use 675 pounds per year!
Paper History - Who Invented Paper?
Specialty Printing: Holographic Papers
Evaluating Samples of a Printer's Work
What is PDF?
Communicating Color
How to do a press inspection, part 2
Why paper grain is important
What to look for in a plant tour
Just say "no" to drop-bys
The Hassle Factor
7 Money-saving Tips
How to Do a Press Inspection, part 1
Should You Buy Paper Direct?
The Paper Purchasing Decision:
Merchants or Brokers or Printers or Mills?
Making Sense of It All
Signs of a True Professional
Reducing Cycle Time in Print Projects
Printing Proofs

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