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If you are a printer or graphic services supplier, our nationwide locator is the perfect place to attract prospective customers. Our community targets professional print buyers who purchase over $1 million in printing per year. Please note: this is a one-time, separate registration from your PBO membership to create your free listing in our nationwide locator.

Here's why you should list in our locator:

  • Print Buyers Online is the only e-community for print buyers and people that influence the purchase of printed materials.

  • We provide valuable education that keeps our members coming back to our e-community.

  • PBO does not engage in brokering, bidding or auctioning. We believe in long-term relationships between buyers and suppliers. We offer this service to buyers that need to expand their supplier base, not to encourage a bidding war.

You'll receive the following benefits:

  • one year listing on Print Buyers

  • ability to be searched by your company name, location (state), and 7 products or services of your choice

  • link to your URL

To register for a free listing:

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