Host a Print Buyer Certification Roadshow

Let us help you drive customers and prospects to your plant! As you may know, Print Buyers and PCPI ( - our association) have created a top quality certification program available for production professionals entitled Professional Print Production Certification (the core certification for print buyers). This certification is highly regarded and gives print buyers a way to document their knowledge and add value in their organizations.

We’re excited to announce that we’re taking these programs on the road and will be conducting certification events in several cities with our Print Buyer Certification Roadshow. We would like to partner with you on this program to bring this exciting certification to your customers. Here are some of the ways that hosting our certification at your facilities can benefit you:


* for 25 or more paid participants (sliding scale fees may apply to fewer than 25 participants)

Be a Certification Host:

We’re proud of our programs and believe that your partnership with us will provide you with a unique opportunity to provide added value to your clients. Feel free to contact Kimberlee Sautter for a detailed curriculum of our certification program. You may reach Kimberlee via email at or call today at 703-534-9307 if you are interested in talking more about how we can work together.
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