Concord Litho’s Scented Varnish Idea Kit

Take Your Next Print Campaign to a Whole New Level with "Printable Scents"
Concord Litho is a pioneer in finding new and innovative ways to make printed products -- and your marketing message -- stand out. We're one of the first commercial printers to extensively test and perfect the application of Scentisphere microencapsulated scented varnishes (vastly different from older scratch-n-sniff applications).

Studies have shown that scented ads yield higher response versus identical unscented ads, and scientists have long studies the powerful link between the sense of smell and the emotional center of the brain. One leading consumer goods company credits a 20 percent increase in sales to adding fragrance to its catalog. Now you can leverage a wide range of scents -- from springtime grass to hot apple pie -- to engage your target audience on a whole new level.

For your free article, 10 Things You Need to Know about Scented Varnish, respond to this special offer today. You'll also receive Concord Litho's free Commercial Printing With Scented Varnish Idea Kit, which includes a catalog of available fragrances, "The Many Moods of Scents: A Marketer's Guide," production samples, and much more.

To request this exciting Cool Tool from Concord Litho, go back to the order page, check the appropriate box, and submit your order. The Scented Varnish Idea Kit will be mailed to you from Concord Litho.

Available while supplies last. This offer is only available to print buyers in the U.S. and Canada.

Founded in 1958 by the same family that owns it today, Concord Litho is a full-service, high-quality printing company, dedicated to providing unique and cost-effective print solutions to help you achieve extraordinary results.
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