Where can I find a sample of a vendor qualification questionnaire?

I was wondering where I could find a sample of a vendor qualification questionnaire. I'm looking for a basic information sheet that I could use consistently for all vendors to compare services and information. Can you help?


A while back PBO posted two articles that you may find helpful:

The first is a checklist for evaluating new suppliers called "Interviewing Print Suppliers": http://www.printbuyersonline.com/ShowContent.aspx?show=1429

The second is a checklist to rate and compare current suppliers entitled "Evaluating Your Suppliers": http://www.printbuyersonline.com/ShowContent.aspx?show=1155

While we may not have captured everything that you’d like to track, I think you’ll find these articles to be a great start.

Answered By Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers Online.com
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