How can I become a better presenter and speaker?

I am a fairly new manager and I have found that I am increasingly called on to speak. I struggle with it. Do you have any suggestions for getting my nervousness under control?

N. N.

A manager wears many hats. Unfortunately, one of the most uncomfortable falls under the category of “speaking.” The ability to speak well is an essential component to running a business or department and something that leaders need to spend more time learning to do well. There are a few things you might want to do prior to a speaking opportunity or meeting to help you be more organized and prepared. When you are prepared, it will help cut down on the stress and should help you to feel more comfortable. The preparation will relieve some of your nervousness and will help you come across better in your presentation.

Each of your presentations should be professional, organized and well thought out. If you take the time to prepare in advance, it will add to your credibility, thereby creating better results. Taking the time to develop your speaking skills will definitely benefit your business success.

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